Saturday, December 18, 2010

From Disney Princess to EPIC don't-mess-with-me Super Woman

Over the weekend, Heidi went to Chinatown and got some FABULOUS gold fabric to go along with our dress hoop skeleton. She single-handedly sewed together the ENTIRE dress, and now it looks AMAZING! When Consuelo wears it, she literally looks like a Disney princess.
Heidi preparing the fabric.

Tada! Dress!

Transparenty fabric Heidi got along with the gold material.

Perfect fit!
So with the change in fabric, I think the aim of our dress has changed as well. Since the semester is starting to wrap up, we decided to focus more on the skirt itself instead of the entire outfit-changing concept. The question now is on how to make the dress more dazzling? How to incorporate more features into the dress to make it stand out from an ordinary dress?

The translucent shawl was draped around the skirt to give it a more "layered" feel. Eventually, we'll have the enter of the shawl pull upwards toward Consuelo's stomach so it creates a curtain-like shape, bringing attention to the dress.

Aside from the dress itself, we decided to go with a tube top for Consuelo, along with two small sleeve armbands. Annie made the armbands to resemble the small sleeves of Disney princesss Belle.
Our dress resembles that of Belle's, except for the fact that the Chameleon Suit is pimped out with motors and LED lights, making it a far more technologically advanced dress than Belle's ^__^

Once the dress-to-skirt conversion completes, LED lights embedded within the armbands will light up.
Consuelo also found a tiara to go nicely with the dress, so I took the liberty of putting in LED lights into the empty spaces in the tiara as well XD.
Each armband is embedded with 7 yellow LED lights, which are powered by two AA batteries. 

Although not super bright, they add a nice touch to the dress!

Because we ran out of yellow LED lights, and I might be somewhat color blind, I thought these green LEDs looked awfully yellow, so I put them into the tiara...but they turned out nice!
Consuelo programmed the microcontroller in charge of the LEGO motors to execute just the right amount of rotations for each individual movements. The shawl will be pulled up by a single motor hanging in the front (hidden inside the skirt), then the two side motors would automatically roll up the skirt itself. Once that's done, the skirt will once again go back down and become a full dress. XD Nice job!

In the end, our pimped out convertible Disney princess dress looks like...*drum roll*

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